Friday, February 1, 2008

Defying Physics: The Chef's Hat Cake

Recently, a customer wanted a chef's hat cake that was standing upright, in glorious 3-D. Very cool!

The challenge we faced was to create a tower of cake that was stable enough to support a billowy, oversized top -- giving the illusion of a "Chef Boyardee" style hat. The problem... it's extremely top-heavy!

We decided to go a little "Duff Goldman" on it (Duff, for those few people who don't know, is the creative genius behind "Ace of Cakes" and the chef of his own world-class shop, "Charm City Cakes"). He often employs unorthodox methods to achieve awesome results (he and his staff, respectively).

We used a wooden armature, complete with dowel rods, screws, and plastic cake tubes. The result was one stable cake.

With some final detail work, the cake was complete. I'm proud of how it turned out -- GOOD JOB TEAM CLARENCEDALE!

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