Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nothing Says "Happy Birthday" Like a -- ZOMBIE HEAD CAKE?!

Well... our shop is now in "Valentine's Day" mode. The last thing we would expect to see on our customer request list this time of year would be a ZOMBIE HEAD -- naturally, I was THRILLED! We had created one before a couple years back, so this would be a walk-in-the-park. So, like some madman on a mission, I carved/crumb-coated cake, and layered fondant into what you see here. The cake itself was designed to serve around 25-30, and was made with entirely delicious, edible materials (even the finishing touches were painted on with food coloring).

It turned out cute, don't you think (complete with a pucked-out eyeball/"Happy Birthday" message)?!? I can only imagine what we'll be doing this Halloween... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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