Sunday, February 24, 2008

1936 Ford Cake

Our Shop was commissioned to create a birthday cake for a gentleman who owns a 1936 Ford. I've created a few car cakes over the years, but never a vintage one like this. It was going to be a lot of fun.

I started by going a little "Duff Goldman" on the cake stand itself (minus the fireworks and power tools). I used cardboard, a hot melt glue gun, and my creativity to put it together, complete with curvy fenders and bumpers. I created a full set of vintage whitewall tires and the spare. The plan was to have the lower part of the car be the stand, holding the upper body (cake). I painted piping gell all over the armature and covered both sides of it in rolled fondant -- sealing it for the cake it was about to hold.

Now it was time to torte the cake with buttercream, carve it down, crumb-coat it, cover it in fondant and place it onto its custom base. This was all relatively straight forward. All together, it really started looking like an old car.

After creating the various details and giving it a final paint-job (with black food coloring), the finished cake really came together.

When the customers arrived, they saw it and were thrilled. Great Job Team Clarencedale!


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